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The Casting Couch

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pilot Review: The Return of Jezebel James

The Return of Jezebel James

Parker Posey, Lauren Ambrose, and Michael Arden

Concept: A 30-something children's book editor decides that she is ready to have a child, but when she finds out she is unable to conceive, she looks to her 20-something estranged slacker sister for help.

Review: Cute. Not great, but it could definitely grow on you like "How I Met Your Mother" started for me. Strange concept, but Parker Posey can make anything funny.

Parker Posey. LOVE LOVE LOVE. She is so funny and interesting in everything that she does, whether it be a bitchy high school senior in "Dazed and Confused" or a neurotic pet owner in "Best in Show," I love it all. She's hysterical and adorable all at the same time, and even though the characters that she creates are only charicatures of real people, she makes it work on a level unmatched by most actors.

Lauren Ambrose. Interesting combo to Posey, I've never really considered Lauren to be all that funny. Still, she's cute and sweet and a good actress, so maybe she can make this work.

Michael Arden. He's a good find. He has great comedic instincts and he's just adorable. He looks like a young slightly more charismatic TR Knight. I'm interested to see where this show takes his career.

Honorable Mentions: Dana Ivey as the sarcastic boss and Savannah Stehlin as the little girl. Both were entertaining.

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