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The Casting Couch

Thursday, June 28, 2007

When 5-become-1...again.

So...embarassing reveal #357...I was a huge Spice Girls fan in Jr. High (What? I was 12!!). Anyhow, the SPICE GIRLS reunited on stage today for the first time in 9 years for a press conference at London's 02 Arena to announce that they will be doing a World-Wide Reunion Tour with all five members: Emma Bunton (Baby), Melanie Brown (Scary), Melanie Chisholm (Sporty), Geri Halliwell (Ginger) and even Victoria Beckham (Posh). The tour is expected to kick off in Los Angeles on December 7th of this year, then go on to make other appearances in the US, UK, China, Australia, and further abroad. Now, naturally, I hope to be in attendance. If for no other reason than to relive my glory days as a rambunctuous pre-teen...the nostalgia is already setting in. For any other former Spice fans out there, go to to register for a chance to buy tickets once they're released. They've assured the press that they're not in it for the money, but we'll wait until ticket prices are revealed to be the judge of that.

The Girls are certainly looking a bit different these days. Maybe they should change their name to the Spice Women as they're all looking a bit mom-ish in this pic...with the exception of Victoria who looks like a female terminating robot from outerspace, despite actually having the most children and the hottest husband (David Beckham...yum!). At least they've still got their signature high high heels. Should be interesting...GIRL POWER!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mika Brzezinski is my hero...

Oh my gosh, I love this so much!! I just couldn't wait until it was up on YouTube or somewhere else where it could be embedded. Please please check out this link on MSNBC starring respectable news anchor Mika Mrzezinski. Its a series of clips taken throughout the day of Mika's newscast. Apparently she was battling it out behind the scenes with her Producer because she adamantly refused to present Paris Hilton's release from jail as news. You've got to admire her for taking a stand!

**UPDATE**It's been posted on YouTube. See below!

The Newest Pearl

Pearl vs. Will Ferrell Pt. 2
Certainly by now you have heard of a famous clip floating around the internet of Will Ferrell and his young daughter on entitled "The Landlord." Its some pretty funny stuff. Well, they just released the next and final chapter in the adventures of young Pearl. Check it out below:Good Cop, Baby Cop

For those of you who miss the original, check out this entertaining blooper reel that illustrates the difficulty of working with young actors. Its pretty adorable how this little girl is coaxed to say hilarious things that she doesn't understand to "daddy." Love it!The Landlord Out Takes

You don't know who DAVE ANNABLE is??

So, I was under the false impression that everyone knew of the talented and muy caliente Dave Annable, but apparently I was wrong. After fighting with my boss for a few days over his "name value" (somehow I lost), I've decided to express my affections for him publicly. He has a sweet and goofy charm that is just adorable, plus he comes off with a certain air of intelligence and honesty, which I admire. I think he's a very respectable actor who is certainly gaining a following due to the success of ABC's "Brothers & Sisters," and even a little in part to the not-so-successful Fox show "Reunion." In a few years, hopefully he'll have so much "name value" that he's passing on MOW offers from our little cable network. Until then, best of luck!

Hear all about him on and off the set from himself and his "Reunion" cast members below:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I HATE to admit it, but you just know this is gonna be HUGE. I mean, those whore dolls are one of the top-selling toys, even beating out Barbie. Now, I'm not sure how I feel about the most popular product for girls 3-11 being a doll impossibly proportioned and dressed like a common street-walker, but what do I know about marketing to kids? All I know is that based on this kind of popularity, this movie is gonna bring in some serious cashflow. Therefore, I think its important to take a moment and examine our children's future role-models because I doubt they're going away anytime soon when they're backed by such a successful franchise. It is a little disturbing watching them take these sweet innocent-looking preteen actresses and "slutifying" them for this role. Oh, Hollywood.

LOGAN BROWNING "SASHA"--This is a first movie role for Logan, who has gotten the bulk of her experience in TV shows, commercials, and music videos. She also has a bit of gymnastics and cheer training that she makes use of in this role.

JANEL PARRISH "JADE"--I've been following Janel for a few years now. She's a very sweet young actress from Hawaii. She's most noted for having quite a talent for singing, starring in a touring production of Les Miserables. She's also had a few minor tv roles as well.

NATHALIA RAMOS "YASMIN"--Nathalia brings a bit of TVQ to the movie, having had a significant arc on the critically acclaimed series "Arrested Development." I've always found her to be a lovely actress as well.

SKYLER SHAYE "CLOE"--A bit older than the other girls, I've always felt a kind of sex-kitten vibe from this young actress which I guess its perfect for this movie. She has a lot of tv experience, and even received some critical-acclaim for a small guest star spot on "Grey's Anatomy."

CHELSEA STAUB "MEREDITH"--The only one of the bunch that I've really seen in action, Chelsea is just a joy to watch. She can make anything funny with great comedic timing and creative delivery. I am happy to see her here.
Now doesn't that just make you want to gouge out your eyes? As much as it pains me to admit, the girls are quite cute and they didn't take the slutty thing too far it seems so that's good at least.

Big Girl, You are Beautiful!

This just makes me happy. It's a positive step and fun music to boot.Mika "Big Girls (You Are Beautiful)"

On a similar note, newcomer Nikki Blonsky, star of this summer's much-anticipated musical HAIRSPRAY is getting a lot of positive buzz. Could she be the next Jennifer Hudson? She's pretty cute and sweet as can be. She's so well-spoken, poised, and well, Happy. She's a ball of energy and excitement and is really a joy to watch. A bit of a cinderella-story, 17-year-old Nikki found out she got the part via Access Hollywood cameras while she was scooping icecream at Cold Stone; since shooting she has even been a guest on Oprah.I'm a sucker for a good musical so I'm really excited to check this one out and see how she fairs. Plus, its got my boy Zac Efron in it, so of course I'm gonna be there to support. I really think this could be the big hit of the summer!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Flight of the Conchords: A Rockin' Review

Okay, so the few reviews I've read of this show have been pretty negative. One writer for the Hollywood Reporter cited one of the biggest problems of the show as being "Our slacker-nerd heroes are always sweating." Well, I don't know about all that, but I'm gonna stand up for these boys. I really really liked this show. I had very low expectations going in, but following an epic episode of Entourage, I was in a particularly good mood. I found the duo of Kiwis Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement to be especially likeable in fact. Sure, they're doofy, but its in a very self-aware and satiric kind of way. As I had hoped, the best part of the series is the spontaneous breaks into song.
I mean with lyrics like "You could be a part-time model...but you'll probably still have to keep your normal job," what could possibly go wrong? I don't know how this show will fair against a judgemental and often oblivious American audience, but we'll soon find out.
"Affirmative. I poked one it was dead."

Pictures Worth 1000 Words...and Stars!

So I am on IMDB a great deal, as you can imagine, since I work in casting and all. One thing I've noticed is that there are two photos that have come up in my various searches more times than ANY OTHER PHOTO, and each time I discover someone new and interesting that I perhaps had never considered before. The irony here is that both photos are publicity shots from films that I've never even heard of, let alone seen. I have a feeling neither movie is going to be all that great, but they certainly both have quite the ensemble cast so I definitely need to get on it. Anyway, I thought I'd share my discoveries with you all!
PICTURED: Niesha Butler, Olek Krupa, Adrian Grenier ("Entourage") ; middle row: Ray Santiago (Meet the Fockers), Paz de la Huerta (Cider House Rules), Larisa Oleynik (10 Things I Hate About You) ; bottom row: Rodrigo Lopresti, Merritt Wever ("Studio 60"), Ryan Donowho ("The OC"), Nathalie Paulding, Alexis Dziena ("Invasion"), Noah Fleiss (Brick)

SOURCE: DOA: Dead or Alive
PICTURED: Devon Aoki (Sin City), Holly Valance ("Prison Break"), Sarah Carter ("Shark"), Jaime Pressly ("My Name Is Earl"), Natassia Malthe (Elektra)

Both pictures contain a mixture of big stars and up-and-comers. I would definitely keep a look out for the unknowns. Who knows, maybe these pictures hold the keys to entertainment success? :)

Two Actresses I Know Nothing About...

TWO ACTRESSES I know nothing about, but I think I should know...are listed below.

Alexis' first big series starring role was in the ABC show "Invasion" that was unfortunately not picked up for a second season. She is positively adorable. I saw her on an episode of "Law & Order: SVU" from a few years ago and her performance definitely caught me attention. She gives a startling and memorable performance opposite Bill Murray as "Lolita" in last year's Broken Flowers as well. She can be seen in 3 upcoming features: Tenderness with Russell Crowe and Laura Dern, Sex and Breakfast with Eliza Dushku and Macauley Culkin, and Fool's Gold with Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey (another romantic comedy with these two?), and Donald Sutherland.

Emma was in the failed series (that they're apparently still shooting?) "DRIVE" on Fox. She got her start on some Partridge Family reality show that I've never heard about and gained some popularity there. She's a young cute girl, so hey, I should probably know who she is and thus, so should you. Catch her in the upcoming feature film Superbad starring Michael Cera ("Arrested Development") and Jonah Hill ("Knocked Up").

Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Casting About" A Film

I just love it when people start to take a more in depth look at my industry. Casting really is such a complex, artistic, and intriguing process and its wonderful for people to take a moment to acknowledge its beauty. In the wake of a failed theatrical project, Filmmaker Barry J. Hershey has chosen to put all his casting footage to good use. With the help of editor Marc Grossman, he's carefully crafted hours of audition footage into one documentary feature about the casting process entitled "Casting About." I am quite intrigued. So far its only been shown in New York and Sydney, Australia, but I can't wait to get my hands on it and see the casting process from a filmmaker's prospective. Plus, I'm sure it showcases quite a colorful array of actresses trying to make their way in this business.

Find out more information at

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Little Miss "Britain's Got Talent"

Its only her first round of auditions, but already Little Connie Talbot is making waves on the British hit tv show "Britain's Got Talent." Play the clip below and watch a 6-year-old's pitch perfect rendition of the classic song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." On top of her beautiful singing, Connie carries quite a stage presence for someone so young. Its just lovely.

**UPDATE**Congratulations to Connie for being the runner-up on "Britain's Got Talent"!! The winner was opera singing phenomenon Paul Potts, a former bus driver who certainly has a voice like an angel. If only American Idol had contestants like these...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Dollface by Andy Huang

Here I am always talking about people being physically attractive, I thought I'd mix it up and show something with a bit more depth. I thought this clip was beautiful and inspired. Its an amazing commentary on the unrealistic standards of beauty in the media. It illustrates getting caught up and trying so hard to be something else that you can end up destroying who you really are. Just lovely.

Thanks Justin for bringing this clip to my attention!

Friday, June 8, 2007

New! Sexy! Cool!

So two actors have caught my attention lately that I feel are worth mentioning:

Annalynne McCord
What a gorgeous girl. I mean, she is just stunning. She has a really unique look that is absolutely striking; it catches your attention almost instantly. Also, there's an edginess to her that you usually don't see in really pretty girls (ala Angelina Jolie). Her acting is a bit green, but I think if she works hard she could have what it takes to be a star. Right now, intriguing guest star roles are her forte on shows like CSI: Miami ("Kill Switch") and Ugly Betty ("Petra-gate").

Jerry Zatarain Jr.This guy just has something great. He has that interesting ability to show a vulnerability even while engaging a very tough-guy kind of role. Plus, he's funny, and all of this really helps develop a character that you can believe in. I am super impressed with his natural acting talents considering he hasn't had too much experience yet. Oh, and did I mention he just oozes with sex appeal? Love him.

3 WORDS: Scott Michael Foster

Seriously, Scott Michael Foster...Scott Michael Foster...Scott Michael Foster! Remember that name. He's hilarious and charming and everything you need in a teen hearthrob. I'm mentioned it before, and I'm saying it again. SCOTT MICHAEL FOSTER. He's just great. See him on ABC Family's "GREEK," premiering Monday, July 9th @ 9PM!

Check Out More Here and Here!

Monday, June 4, 2007

My Favey Boy-Banders: The Jonas Brothers

I have to sing their praises because I just adore them so. The Jonas Brothers are a punkish rock group from New Jersey. They're three teenaged brothers (each 2 years apart) who are just as sweet and likeable as can be. Their music has gained huge popularity on the teen set (the boys posted a photo on their myspace during my visit with them that gained a whopping 1000 comments in just under 15 minutes). While they can certainly sing and rock out in concert, it seems that's not the only trick they have up their sleeves. Disney Channel is developing a tv pilot for them where they'll star as a group of crime-fighting rockstars. I'm so excited for them. Honestly, I do not know a more sweet, kind, enthusiastic, and friendly group of teenage boys. They're amazing and you just can't help but love them. Show them some love on their myspace or check this interview below.

"What Not to Say!" Episode 1

Welcome to the first installment of "What NOT to Say!" brought to you by the world's most self-indulgent actors! Below is a list of real taglines and gimmicks used on headshot postcards that I found to be particularly abhorant in the sea that comes across my desk. Look, Laugh, and Learn people! These are guaranteed to keep you from getting the job!

Annoying Postcard Taglines

“Call me when you need to cast ‘short, pale, and stunningly average-looking'!” (Way to sell yourself)

“I’m holding my breath until you check out my new reel…please take a look so I can breathe again!” (Please refrain from theatening the casting directors...)

“Armed and Dangerous with Aspirations and tremendous determination” (Danger not so appealing)

“Agents and Casting Directors beware! This actress is armed, dangerously funny, and gunning for you!” (Again with the threats...)

“Think Cameron Diaz meets Scarlett Johannson.” (Ugh...where to begin)

“New Chinese Face” (Wow.)

“It’s Time to Meet!” (Oh Really...)

“Seeking Opportunity!” (I bet you are.)

“Jack of all Trades: The Actor, The Musician, The Reality TV Star, The Author” (Those are not pros...)

“3 Accents for the Price of 1: Buy Me!!” (Buy you, since when are people for sale?)

“I just have to stay on your mind…and maybe your desk too” (Creepy come-hither looking picture--I'm afraid)

“Remember, I’m here for your last minute day planner needs this season—Give me a call!” (Way to sell yourself short)

“J. Keane, the acting machine. Sidekick to the Stars Since 1952.” (rhyming, really?)

“You get me work. Humperdink suffers.” (Who?)

“I feel like my castability is perfect.” (oh really?)

“The Funny Girl Next Door.” (Good for you.)

“Available Immediately: Leading Man Ready to Take Career to Next Level!” (Sad)