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The Casting Couch

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm a Geek for GREEK

So, I'm sorry to admit that I was in fact a sorority girl in college...I know, I know...credibility out the window. But I feel that admission is necessary in understanding my obsession with a pilot recently picked up by ABC Family. ABC Family is a network most people know very little about...they syndicate some of our favorite shows of yester-year (TGIF anyone?) and those of the extinct WB. Still, apparently they have some of their own original programming as well, and I'm not just talking about those Christmas movies our parents make us watch each year. If you're into horses, I hear "Wildfire" is pretty interesting. Similarly, their newest shows "Kyle XY" and "Lincoln Heights" have gotten pretty decent reviews. Now, I've never really watched any of these, but the recently leaked pilot GREEK is a whole different ballgame. Its young and hip and fresh. As someone that lived it, it really does grasp the world of Greek life from its greatest moments to its biggest disappointments. More importantly, it does all of this while poking fun at the very things that it also works to promote. Never before have I felt such a sense of accuracy and amusement at this kind of teenage/young adult dramedy. I have to say, it got me hooked, and it does this through its quick-witted writing and really intriguing young cast. Introducing:

Spencer Grammer as "Casey Cartwright." I don't know if its necessarily raw talent, but this girl definitely keeps your intention. She's funny and sharp, and you really can see her as this struggling girl caught up in her own upward social mobility within her greek realm, which conflicts, of course, with her inherent good nature.

Jacob Zachar as "Rusty Cartwright." I'd seen this kid in a commercial or two before getting my hands on the pilot. He's got a unique look and acting style that works well for his socially awkward and yet adorably naive character. Think Adam Brody meets Topher Grace...he's cute, he's weird, and he's oddly relatable on a variety of levels.

Jake McDorman as "Evan Chambers." Jake is perhaps the most seasoned actor on this cast, having starred in decently successful shows and movies like "Quints" and "Aquamarine." He's definitely got a sexy quality to him, and while he might be used to playing a hearthrob, he's really quite good at playing someone with a little bit of a darker side to his all-american exterior. I like it.

Scott Michael Foster as "Cappie." I think this is the real breakout star here folks. Can you say CHARISMA? His lines are the ones that get the real laughs, and yet there's definitely a very human quality to his character. He was the most interesting to watch, for me at least. He's a real guy's guy too, which will help the show win over the male audience.

Clark Duke as "Dale." I told you guys before, this kid has real comedic talent. He serves as the outsider to the whole Greek experience in this series, giving new life to a bible-thumping confederate flag-waving freshman roommate character.

Paul James as "Calvin Owens." His character is definitely something new to bring to cable TV, and Paul tackles this task head-on. He effortlessly portrays the quintessential frat boy who is secretly happily homosexual, and he does it with style. By no means a stereotype, he brings real depth to an already complicated character.

Dilshad Vadsaria as "Rebecca Logan" and Amber Stevens as "Ashleigh." The sorority girls. In the pilot their characters are a bit along stereotypical lines, but I'm definitely interested to see where they end up. Amber is just adorable: she adds real personality to an already invigorating cast. Dilshad is a bit of a mystery to me, so we'll have to see what is revealed through her as the season progresses.

Aside from these series regulars, there is a fabulous supporting cast including some really funny and talented young actors like Aaron Hill (The Beaver), Zack Lively (Heath), Tiffany Dupont (Frannie), and Johanna Flores(Libby). All of which stick out in their own right against an immensely talented cast.

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Morgan said...

Wildfire is one of my favorite shows, I've followed it since last season. I'd definitely suggest checking it out.

From your write up Greek sounds pretty cool. Where can i see the leaked episode?