The Casting Couch

The Casting Couch

Friday, March 23, 2007

"My Girl"--All Grown Up

You guys probably remember the cute little girl who made us cry over a mood ring and Macaulay Culkin in the early 90's movie My Girl. That girl was a young actress by the name of Anna Chlumsky, and she's back. According to IMDB she took several years to be a kid, go to school, graduate college, and have a fledgling career as a food critic in Manhattan. But once you're bit by the acting bug, its hard to leave it forever. She's done some theatre and shorts in recent years, and now it seems she back full force as an actress. Anyone who watches NBC's "30 Rock" (best new sitcom of the year, btw--its absolutely hilarious) got the first glimpse of her as "the other liz" in the most recent episode "The Fighting Irish" (she's the girl Liz fires b/c she's dating "flower guy"). She still has the adorable sweetness that broke our hearts, but she's definitely grown into something more. I think she could have what it takes to really hold her own in the TV comedy world. Interestingly enough, The CW has announced that its picking up the pilot "8 Days a Week," a workplace comedy centered around the lives of assistants to high-powered executives, starring little miss Anna Chlumsky (best name ever). I haven't had the opportunity to read the script, but I'm definitely interested in seeing how this show plays out. Welcome Back, Anna!

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