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The Casting Couch

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I had the fortunate experience of seeing this guy perform at the Gibson Show Room a couple of weeks ago. Wow, what a talent. I'm glad I got to see him live because his demo cd just doesn't do him justice; his passion just doesn't come through as strong. He's a real old-school blues rock guy--seemed a bit like a cross between Marc Broussard (vocals) and Stevie Ray Vaughn (mad guitar skills). Man could this kid PLAY THE GUITAR! You just don't see that kind of talent anymore--everyone just creates sounds in a studio. It was great and exciting to see! I'm sure I would have enjoyed it even more if I wasn't daydreaming about how to hold him down and give him a haircut. I get that it goes with his "All About the Music" look, but seriously, shampoo is your friend. I'm excited to see what his indie label SHANGRI-LA MUSIC does with him and his album. It could be really great. They've certainly had some great success and helped produce some beautiful music with one of my favorite bands of the moment, The Duke Spirit.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Miley does Madonna...

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus (aka "Hannah Montana"), but this is freaking fantastic...
I wish I had those kinds of resources when I was her age. You have to hand it to her, at least the girl knows how to make her own fun. I'd love to know the story behind how they got this had to be sponsored by Step Up 2 the Streets and "Hannah Montana" corporate spearhead DISNEY. Either way, she's one connected teenager. I love how she got her own grandmother to do a cameo, along with Step Up 2 the Streets stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, among others. Just lovely.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Camp Rock--It Launches!

Disney Channel released the official trailer for its soon-to-be breakout hit original movie "Camp Rock," starring teen sensations The Jonas Brothers and newcomer Demi Lovato. Now, I have been singing the praises of these boys since I met them two years ago while working at Disney Channel. They were just doing a theme song for one of our animated series then. I would like to think that my enthusiastic support for them there helped to bring about their current successes. These boys really are amazingly talented and sweet as can be. They already have a fan following like you wouldn't believe and I know this movie will help to skyrocket them to true super-stardom. Think Disney Channel's "High School Musical" on steroids...get ready for the phenomenon that is sure to be "Camp Rock."

Disney Channel will also be debuting a new original series "J.O.N.A.S." starring the boys, in a Hannah Montana-esque comedy about three average High School boys who moonlight as secret spies as night. The pilot is simply adorable and sure to be a huge hit also.

ArtieTSMITW Drinks Your Milkshake

Brandon Hardesty is an internet comedian and performer noted most for his skillful re-enactments of scenes from various famous films on YOUTUBE. In each scene that he re-creates, he plays every role himself (even female roles) and makes use of common household items for props and costuming. He is a favorite of Jimmy Kimmel, who had Hardesty re-create scenes from some of this year's Oscar-nominated films for his tv show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Thanks in part to Hardesty's uncanny re-enactment of There Will Be Blood, "I drink your milkshake" has become a popular social catchphrase. One of Hardesty's videos has also appeared on a Geico commercial. Because of his internet successes, Hardesty was cast in a small role in the upcoming comedic feature film Bart Got a Room with William H. Macy, Cheryl Hines, and Alia Shawkat. You can find his re-enactments of some of your favorite movies on YOUTUBE, under the pseudonym ArtieTSMITW. My favorite, a scene from Jurassic Park, is below:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Next Gen Femmes

These stunning young offspring/siblings of Hollywood's greatest celebrities will likely not be able to deny the call to the spotlight that runs in their blood. Whether they find their way onto the Silver Screen or maybe just into LA's party scene (ala Paris Hilton), these girls are certainly ones to look out for in the next few years:

Riley Keough
daughter of Lisa Marie Presley
grand-daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley
successful runway model (D&G, Dior, Victoria's Secret)

Lily Collins
daughter of singer Phil Collins
model and teenage host/correspondant

Alanna Masterson
half-sister to "That 70's Show" star Danny Masterson and "Malcolm in the Middle" star Christopher Masterson

Greer Grammer
daughter of Kelsey Grammer, younger sister to "GREEK" star Spencer Grammer, current Miss Teen Malibu 2007

Annie Starke
daughter of Glenn Close and producer John Starke

Zoe Kravitz
daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet
appeared in No Reservations, The Brave One, and Assasination of a High School President

Lorraine Nicholson
daughter of Jack Nicholson and actress Rebecca Broussard
appeared in Click and Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Marine and Chloe Azria
daughters of BCBG Designer Max Azria

Daisy Lowe
daughter of singers Gavin Rossdale of Bush and Pearl Lowe of Powder
successful British Model

Katie Cassidy
daughter of 70's icon David Cassidy and fashion model Sherry Williams
recurred on "7th Heaven" and "Supernatural"
appeared in When A Stranger Calls, Click and Black Christmas
starring in the upcoming Dallas remake alongside John Travolta

Francesca Fisher-Eastwood
daughter of Clint Eastwood and actress Francis Fisher

Lily Costner
daughter of Kevin Costner

Monday, November 19, 2007

Androgyny at Its Best

Okay, this post is absolutely premature as I haven't even seen the movie yet, but holy wow, the BOB DYLAN biopic I'M NOT THERE looks great. And its most interesting element? The fact that my uber-favorite thespian CATE BLANCHETT will be playing the rocker during perhaps his most infamous years. Just from viewing the preview clips, you get a sense that Blanchett's performance is simply SPOT ON. I can't wait. Other actors that will be depicting Dylan in this highly impressionistic and unconventional docudrama are Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Richard Gere, Ben Whishaw, and young African American newcomer Marcus Carl Franklin. A truly innovative look at casting a biopic indeed, I only hope that this fantastical look at the life and works of Bob Dylan still carries with it the same heart and introspection as some of the famed documentaries of the singer, including my personal favorite No Direction Home, directed by Martin Scorsese.

See a sneak peek of Cate Blanchett's soon to be infamous performance as Bob Dylan below:


I was utterly floored by Emile Hirsch's performance in Sean Penn's critically acclaimed film Into the Wild. His depiction of real-life determined American adventurer Christopher McCandless is nothing short of amazing. Considering that nearly 80% of the film has little to no dialogue, all eyes are literally on Hirsch throughout the bulk of the film. He manages to switch easily between a sensibility of humor and enlightened reverence, giving the film both a heart-warming and heart-wrenching feel. Certainly inspired by the work of fellow thespian Leonardo DiCaprio, it seemed to me that there were clear glimpses of DiCaprio in Danny Boyle's (Trainspotting) THE BEACH throughout Hirsch's introspective performance. Who knew the cute kid from The Girl Next Door would grow into such a skilled and complex thespian? I should have gotten the hint with his spot on performance in the dark comedy The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. Anyhow, I have been thoroughly impressed and look forward to his future work, even if his next big movie is based on a cartoon (Speed Racer). Could there be an Oscar nom in Hirsch's future? I definitely don't think its beyond the realm of possibility.

Songs of Praise

These two young performers are just on the cusp of what I imagine to be a lucrative entertainment career. They both got their start in the biz early, and quickly became notable for their ability not just to act, but to carry quite a tune also.

ANNA KENDRICK was the 2nd youngest person ever to be nominated for a Tony Award, which she garnered for her performance in the original "High Society" on Broadway. She continued her work with musical theatre until 2000, when she landed the lead in the feature film Camp. Most recently she was seen in the indie fave Rocket Science as fast-talking Ginny Ryerson. While she was also on the short-lived CBS series "Viva Laughlin," you can catch her in an upcoming film The Marc Pease Experience opposite Ben Stiller and Jason Schwartzman.

JIM STURGESS is a British actor whose career spanned many London television shows and movies. Recently, he starred as the troubled artist of Julie Taymor's Across the Universe that was out this year, helping to launch the film's soundtrack to the top of the charts thanks to his Ewan McGreggor-esque voice. Look for him in a series of much-anticipated films due out next year like The Other Boleyn Girl, Crossing Over, and 21 (the story of the MIT students that card-counted their way through Vegas).


Hey guys-- So I'm putting this blog back online. However, updates will focus specifically on actors that inspire me to post, so posting will likely be less consistent. If you wish to keep up with updates and have anything new that I've added sent straight to your inbox, please feel free to subscribe to my blog. Thanks!!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Hey Ya'll!! So you've probably noticed that the blogspot here has been slacking a bit lately. Well, I'm officially announcing a temporary hiatus while I launch a new website targetted at a slightly different subject. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts on both. Thanks!!


Love, CastingKat