The Casting Couch

The Casting Couch

Friday, June 8, 2007

New! Sexy! Cool!

So two actors have caught my attention lately that I feel are worth mentioning:

Annalynne McCord
What a gorgeous girl. I mean, she is just stunning. She has a really unique look that is absolutely striking; it catches your attention almost instantly. Also, there's an edginess to her that you usually don't see in really pretty girls (ala Angelina Jolie). Her acting is a bit green, but I think if she works hard she could have what it takes to be a star. Right now, intriguing guest star roles are her forte on shows like CSI: Miami ("Kill Switch") and Ugly Betty ("Petra-gate").

Jerry Zatarain Jr.This guy just has something great. He has that interesting ability to show a vulnerability even while engaging a very tough-guy kind of role. Plus, he's funny, and all of this really helps develop a character that you can believe in. I am super impressed with his natural acting talents considering he hasn't had too much experience yet. Oh, and did I mention he just oozes with sex appeal? Love him.

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