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The Casting Couch

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pilot Review: 8 Days A Week

8 Days A Week

Christina Milian, Anna Chlumsky, Johnny Lewis, and Robert Ri'chard

Concept: 4 Twenty-Something friends struggle to make a career and a life for themselves while working under New York's top executives.

Review: I didn't hate it. I really wanted to like this series b/c I can absolutely relate to the storyline, but it felt a little flat to me. It seemed to be a cross b/w Ugly Better and The Devil Wears Prada, but I don't have much else to say about it because it didn't really strike me one way or the other.

Christina Milian. She was the saving grace of this series. She's so adorable, sweet, and engaging, how has she not broken in big yet? This girl is on the cusp. She has never looked better and her acting skills have been honed.

Anna Chlumsky. This is the former "My Girl" star's first big gig since her return to acting. She maintains that sweet yet tough tomboy thing that worked so well for her as a kid and she brings something a bit different to the screen along with her obvious familiarity. I liked it.

Johnny Lewis. He was cute and sweet. I found his very endearing. Hopefully he can bring a little more of an edge if this show gets picked up to series.

Robert Ri'chard. I had the same reaction to him as I did to Johnny. Cute, Sweet, not a lot of depth, but I think he can bring it.

Honorable Mentions: Derrex Brady as "Wilson" (Milian's ex-boyfriend)and Jerrika Hinto as "Marjorie" (Milian's boss).

NOT Honorable Mentions: Mario Lopez (such a bad actor, please take him off the screen), and Rosa Blasi (who I usually like, but her annoying/stupid character really annoyed me...I didn't find her that funny here at all)

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