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The Casting Couch

Thursday, May 10, 2007

BSG: Frakin' Great

Okay, so I have revealed myself to be a sorority girl its big reveal #2: I am a huge dork. I have been known to be drawn into the Sci-Fi genre on occasion (not StarTrek and the hardcore stuff though). However, even I was surprised at how overcome I've been by the SciFi series "Battlestar Galactica." I cannot say enough great things about this show. It's brilliantly written, a drama set in space, not a space show w/ drama. The characters are so real, its unlike anything I've ever seen before. Their personal conflicts and inner turmoil are profoundly realistic. You can see yourself making every right and wrong decision along the way, and you feel the pressure the few have on them to try to save the many. Its beautiful and insightful and sucked me right in without a fight. While a lot of this credit goes to the writers, credit is still due to the phenomenal (and mostly foreign) cast that really reveals these characters as representatives of mankind to the audience. They feel so real, so human, so not characters created on a page, and for this, I commend them.

Edward James Olmos--Stern and undoubtedly wise, Olmos has crafted the perfect military leader as "Commander Adama," the kind of guy you hope and pray would be around in the ultimate crisis.

Mary McDonnell--The opposite of Olmos in her approach, but just as credible. McDonnell's peaceful, sympathetic, and almost enlightened character brings an element of hope to the series in the form of "President Laura Roslin."

Jamie Bamber--Bamber reveals the brave "Apollo" to be a plagued hero, one who is smart and strong, but who lacks the real wisdom and faith to lead just yet.

James Callis--Brilliant actor. See previous post.

Katee Sackhoff--The headstrong "Starbuck," Sackhoff has carefully crafted a man's role into that of a woman, and she's done so in a sympathetic and beautifully developed way.

Grace Park--The human cylon "Boomer", Park does an amazing job of showing both the human and "toaster" sides to a machine, created in the human image--almost too human. Still, she maintains a distance, a confusion, that is necessary for this role.

Tricia Helfer--Helfer has the complicated task of portraying "Number 6," who appears to know everything that is to be with both cylons and humans alike. While she is crafted as the perfect machine (gorgeous, manipulative, unaffected), she maintains a human and spiritual element that seems to surprise even herself at times.

A few others of note:

Aaron Douglas--The noble "Chief," an enlisted man who truly believes in the system. Douglas does a magnificent job of bringing life and notice to a character that could easily be lost in the story.

Paul Campbell--The humble President's assistant "Billy," Campbell brings an innocence and naivete to the ship whose character is peppered with good instincts, intelligence, and a freeness of speech that few others get to experience.

Kandyse McClure--The petty officer on the ship in charge of its communications, "Dee" is loyal and obedient by nature, but illustrates a kind heart, level head, and strong will. Her on-ship romance with Billy is sweet in its innocence.

If you've never seen this show, please give it at least one episode. My bet is you'll get sucked right in despite its science fiction base. It's a story of humanity and each actor does an amazing job of pulling hard at our heartstrings with each passing ep.

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