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The Casting Couch

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Voice of "Planet Earth"

I don't know what it is about nature and a good narrator, but the two can create a fascinating visual display that we, the viewers, cannot pull our eyes away from. The right narrator can make or break a production, especially in America. We saw this formula at work on the $100 million box office smash documentary "The March of the Penguins," (of course, it helped that it followed the cutest and most bizarre birds on the planet). Morgan Freeman's star power helped make this docu such a phenomenal hit.

On March 25th, The Discovery Channel launched the BBC series Planet Earth, with narrator Sigourney Weaver replacing David Attenborough. Since, this series has received a great deal of critical and even commercial success. Now, I love David Attenborough, but I have to admit that I am very impressed with Sigourney Weaver's performance. Her voice definitely has a calm almost melodic quality which fits in well with the spectacularly shot scenes from around the globe. You wouldn't want someone who had a distinctive or distracting voice that could take attention away from the amazing film shot by these talented british filmmakers, and I feel like Sigourney is a perfect fit. I admire her for contributing to entertainment in this way. I've always admired her as an actress--while she has done some huge box-office movies (the Alien and Ghostbusters movies), she's still been able to have a well-rounded and long-running career, being nominated for all kinds of awards along the way. Plus, I feel it always impresses me a bit more when an actor or actress can switch so effortlessly between stage and screen. She's been around for decades now, and she still has just as much of a presence as ever in all the major entertainment fields.

BTW, have I mentioned how obsessed I am with this show? Watch re-runs of Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel, or catch the concluding episode "The Filmmaker's Story" this Sunday, April 29th at 8PM and see how it all gets made!

Check out this adorable interview with her as well: HERE

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