The Casting Couch

The Casting Couch

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Only Fashion Mag Worth Reading...

I hate fashion magazines. I hate what they represent. I hate that they perpetuate low self-esteem and an unnattainable standard of beauty. I hate that they're predominantly a giant advertisement for "beauty" products. That being said, there is one amongst the bunch that doesn't rub me the wrong that I feel digs beneath the superficial surface of the fashion world to something a little bit more. One that is not simply ad after ad of highend fashion (Vogue), article after article of how to land your man (Cosmopolitan) or make yourself beautiful (Allure). That magazine is Vanity Fair.

Vanity Fair isn't just a fashion magazine, its one that focuses on topics of fashion, culture, and even politics. This month's issue in particular focuses on environmental problems and the issue of global warming. In addition to its political featurettes, Vanity Fair is famous for its creative and interesting feature spreads which integrate beautiful photography with a particular theme. It is within these pages that celebrities, politicians, and other cultural icons are presented in interesting and truly artistic ways. You know you've arrived in the entertainment world if you're privileged enough to make it onto one of these coveted spreads.

According to Vanity Fair's Editor of Creative Development, David Friend, "With its mix of lively writing, bold portraiture, keen cultural intuition, and in-depth profiles of the movers and shakers of the age, Vanity Fair has become, by many estimates, magazine journalism's acknowledged arbiter of modern society, power, and personality" and I couldn't agree more.

February 1932. Illustration of Greta Garbo by Miguel Covarrubias.

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