The Casting Couch

The Casting Couch

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Move over Dakota...

Okay, so I have used various terms of beauty (gorgeous, stunning) to describe actresses of all ages, the youngest being maybe 13 or 14. It seems odd to apply such a term to children of this age, and more appalling to describe even younger children in this way. But seriously, have you seen RYAN NEWMAN? Holy cow, this girl is GORGEOUS. I mean, I've seen cute babies before and cute kids, but cute doesn't even begin to describe this young actress's striking look. Moreover, she's a pretty good little actress. I discovered her playing a young Miley Cyrus on the hit Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana." By age 6, she'd already been in a long-running national commercial and was the youngest person ever to be "motion-captured," working under executive producers Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis in the hit Monster House.
Photo Date: 16 December 2006
Photo by Maury Phillips - ©

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY, RYAN!! I just thought this was cute:

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