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The Casting Couch

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Utilizing YouTube

Its impossible to ignore the influence that YouTube has had on the way we view entertainment. Across the board, networks are scrambling to create their own internet based channels and webisodes of popular tv shows are popping up all over. And the truth is, we can't get enough of it. Clips spread like wildfire. How long after Alanis Morisette released her re-make of the "My Humps" video had you seen it and were sharing it with friends? I'm willing to bet that after only being released four days ago, you and most everyone you know has already seen Will Ferrell's short comedy "The Landlord" on The truth is, we're addicted. We can't get enough. We love to laugh, and these clips are short and sweet, allowing us to entertain ourselves for one quick moment, then go about the rest of our day. There's also certain cultural cache with these clips. You want to be the first person to share the hot new clip with someone else, and the cycle continues. It works way faster than any tv show ever could. Thus, TV Shows are experimenting with different things and trying to capitalize on this hot new market. One way they've done that is through webisodes like "The Office: The Accountants" or internet channels like CBS's "Innertube."

MTV has chosen to take a slightly different route, and I would expect other networks to follow suit. Last week they launched their new show "Human Giant," which is a series comprised of short internet-type clips and skits. It stars three men whose internet antics were already well-circulated: Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, and Paul Scheer. Their popular clips include "The Shutterbugs," "Cell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru,” and “The Illusionators." Like many other popular internet comedians, (Shoes.) these guys gained popularity through live sketch comedy, including those at the Upright Citizens Brigade. MTV, known for its connectivity to the younger audience, took advantage of this cult following and gave them their own show. "Human Giant" airs on MTV Thursdays at 10:30PM, right in the peak of their revolutionary timeslot "The 10 spot."

Here is a fun clip to show you what I'm talking about here:

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