The Casting Couch

The Casting Couch

Monday, April 9, 2007

A Moment to Rave

My newest obsession is CBS's "Cold Case." I'll admit, I'm a little late in coming to this series, but better late than never, eh? It seems like every time I watch this show, I'm moved by it in some way. Its the whole Jerry Bruckheimer touch I think. For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, it revolves around a group of investigators (ala CSI) who investigate cold cases, which are crimes from the past. The storylines manage to stay creative and interesting b/c they're not bound to current events and modern forensics. Not to mention the music is phenomenal as it is tied to the time period of the case. The lead investigators are played by Kathryn Morris and Danny Pino. Danny is a good hot guy sidekick, but Kathryn brings a different quality. Even though she may look a bit generic upon first glance (thin blue eyed blond actress), there's a really striking quality about her that separates her from most. Wonderful actress. It helps that the whole series is beautifully shot, even going so far as to use the film equipment of the time that it is representing. It's a really cool show from a casting prospective, too. Each episode has the difficult task of casting both a young and old version of its guest stars. They do an amazing job creating accurate likenesses, which are juxtaposed often as they switch from past to present. Plus, like most crime dramas, it serves as a variable database of up-and-coming acting talents. I look forward to more as I just added it to my tivo. If you're an actor, I suggest trying to get on this show. It could be great footage for your reel.

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