The Casting Couch

The Casting Couch

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Late Night Thoughts

A Few Things:

1.) Happy President's Day!! Speaking of Presidents...Obama 08! Anyhow, I'm up super late b/c I got my President's Day celebrations started a little earlier this year, then spent all of today in recovery. So I got myself well-rested, whooped it up in a poker game, then settled down to watch my favorite show, HEROES.

2.) I AM OBSESSED WITH HEROES. Best show on TV right now in my opinion. Best Ensemble Cast.

3.)THE BLACK DONNELLYS. One week from today. Airing Monday Nights at 10PM on NBC. I don't know what it is about this show, but the previews have really got my attention. The music is genius. And I remember the lead kid, Jonathan Tucker, really peaking my interest on an episode of Law&Order: SVU...I'm so watching this show.

4.) WTF, Mate? What did they do to IMDB?

More to come on all of these things and more very soon. :) Night, Y'all!!

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