The Casting Couch

The Casting Couch

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ew...Ryan Seacrest.

So FOX has just announced that RYAN SEACREST will be hosting the 59th Annual Emmy Awards on September 16, 2007. I mean, Ryan Seacrest, really? This is the same guy that has a contest every year where YOU can host red carpet arrivals with him. I mean, that is seriously amateur stuff. Yeah, he hosts "American Idol," but people aren't watching that show b/c of his appeal, I can tell you that much. I must have missed something here. I mean instead of pulling in viewers, they're pushing them away...I'm not about to watch Ryan Seacrest's smarmy face for 3 hours.

Oh, and PS, this is just for fun, but a friend of mine overheard this amazing line from Ryan that is just too funny not to share: "I could be being raped in the closet right now!" (this was apparently his astonishing reaction to about 6 fire trucks showing up across the street for a stopped elevator). Where is your mind at, Ryan? Just thought I'd share!

In the YouTube files, I pulled up this hilarious clip to give us a taste of whats in store. John Mayer (who can barely hide his contempt for Ryan) answers his question in fluent Japanese. I knew I like that guy.

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