The Casting Couch

The Casting Couch

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rebuilding HOUSE

Boo. I am very disappointed at a recent major revelation regarding the upcoming season of Fox's "HOUSE," starring Hugh Laurie. They've traded in my favorite team of young doctors with some younger models. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), Foreman (Omar Epps), and the gorgeous Chase (Jesse Spencer) are being replaced with Kal Penn ("Harold and Kumar"), Olivia Wilde ("The OC"/"The Black Donnellys"), and Anne Dudek (White Chicks). Peter Jacobson ("Starter Wife"/Transformers)has joined the cast also. As you all hopefully know, Chase was fired at the end of Season 3, followed by resignations shortly after from both Foreman and Cameron, leaving Dr. House all alone. Now, I just naturally assumed that this would all be resolved in the start of Season 4. Not so, it seems, at least not right away. They've brought in this new team of recurring characters, probably hoping to breathe new life into the series that has run its course with the current cast of characters. I understand. Plus, its Hugh Laurie that really makes the show. It's pretty smart on Fox's part to experiment with new characters in hopes of extending the show's successes. Moreover Chase, Cameron, and Foreman aren't gone forever. They'll still be popping back in from time to time in the upcoming season...I hope, anyway. Until then, they will be missed.

Jesse Spencer, Jennifer Morrison, Omar Epps

Olivia Wilde, Kal Penn, Anne Dudek

**FUN FACT** Australian hearthrob Jesse Spencer (Chase) also starred in the aussie soap "Neighbors" that previously mentioned Michelle Ang was on. Additionally, he is engaged in real life to recent on camera sweetie Jennifer Morrison (Cameron).

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