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The Casting Couch

Friday, July 13, 2007

10 Posts in One!

Sorry guys--I've been pretty caught up in my own stuff lately and have been slacking on the posts once again. Vacation will do that to you. I apologize. So 10 things on my mind to get you all up to speed:

1.) Minnesota is one lily-white state. I think I saw 2 "ethnic" people the whole time I was there. And its overrun with teenagers that want to act and are fascinated with the entertainment business. Very interesting.

2.) Ratatouille is weird...cute sorta. But really weird. Not your usual Disney/Pixar movie. I'd rent it instead and put the movie going cash towards something a bit more worthwhile.

3.) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is awesome. The movie takes what I consider to be the best parts of book 5 and leaves a lot of the really dark depressing stuff behind. Moreover, if you choose to see this movie in the theatre, PLEASE splurge for the 3D Imax experience. You certainly won't regret it. It makes the movie all the much more amazing. Trust me here. Also, Evanna Lynch who plays Loony Luna is AMAZING. Holy cow, we're gonna be seeing more of this girl. She was just phenom.

4.) Man, those Harry Potter kids grow up fast. Emma Watson is lovely as ever. She speaks out here against all her bad publicity with finishing the Harry Potter series saying she just wanted to attend "University" to help her "keep in touch with reality" and not squander her education b/c she's famous. Smart Girl. Daniel Radcliff is all sex-symbol in this month's "Details" magazine, kinda creepy but totally hot. With the London production of "Equus" and various other things, he's doing a great job of being more than just "that Harry Potter kid." Even Neville (Matt Lewis)'s looking a bit like a young Adam Levine in some pics, which is weird b/c he's so not supposed to be cute. Good for him though.

5.) Shia LeBeouff is great. His performance in this summer's biggest blockbuster Transformers is getting rave reviews. Plus he's due out in a whole slew of other big movies like the next Indiana Jones. He really is our next biggest rising star so pay attention. Its becoming harder and harder for kids to switch from child star to adult actor lately.

6.) VH1 gave Perez Hilton a show, "What Perez Sez." Damnit, that was my idea, but it was "too edgy" for my network. Ah well, good for him. I'm sure it'll be one part "Best Week Ever" and two parts "Talk Soup." Hopefully it'll be good. He's such an awkward human being though in interviews. I don't know if I'd want to look at him for a whole hour. And so arrogant, yuck. But funny. We'll see. Meanwhile, this is funny:

7.) I've been seeing my boy Zac Efron EVERYWHERE. Wowie, even the likes of Perez Hilton have been giving him some extra special attention. I'm really excited to see Hairspray still, as I'm a big fan of Storyline Entertainment and Adam Shankman (he's so loony, its great). Rumors are even flying that he's the next Kevin Bacon in an upcoming Kenny Ortega remake of Footloose. "High School Musical 2" has been getting amazing press as well, even getting its own People Magazine Special Collector's Edition. I love those kids. Oh, and he's not gay. Promise.

8.) "So You Think You Can Dance" is the summer's hottest show in my opinion. Its quite fascinating to watch. I'm Lacey and Kameron all the way, but Kameron better step it up b/c if he ever finds himself in the bottom, I think he could easily get booted. The real star of this show though is the fabulously lovely and talented Cat Deeley. She's phenomenal, and I'm extremely picky about hosts. Usually I find them as the most superfluous and useless parts of competition shows. Cat is completely different. She is fun and genuine and sweet. Her presence really adds to the show and keeps me wanting more. Oh, and Wade Robson is a genius, nuff said. See my fave Mia Michaels' dance with Lacey and Kameron below:

9.) Speaking of guilty pleasures, ABC Family aired its series "GREEK" on Monday at 9PM. I'm loving this show so much, words cannot express. I hear its getting a lot of negative press from Greek organizations around the country, but they're all looney. Take it from someone who lived it, GREEK is a pretty accurate depiction of sorority and frat life. Plus its just so damn entertaining. The kids in it are great, and it really just gets me all nostalgic. *Tear*

10.) If I hear one more thing about those people coming to America, I'm gonna puke. You know who I'm talking about. Side note: I am really excited for that reality show though. While she seems like a total oddball bitch in photos, I find her to be quite warm and funny in interviews. Plus, he's just gorgeous.

And that's the world according to Kat. Ta ta!


Lindsey said...

I LOVE Shia Lebeouf. Ever since he was on Even Stevens and then Project Greenlight. He is amazing. Still need to see Transformers though.

And I love SYTYCD and Greek :)

Anonymous said...

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